Integrated Circuit Laboratory - Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil
Grupo Micoelectrónica - Microelectronic Group, Universidad de la República del Uruguay
DIEC - Electrical Engineering Department, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
ICAS - Integrated Circuits and Systems, ICAS - CNM, Barcelona, Spain


Iberchip/LASCAS - Iberoamerican microelectronics and aplications workshop and Latin American Symposium on circuits and Systems.
SBCCI - SBCCI is an international forum dedicated to integrated circuits and systems design, test and CAD, held annually in Brazil.
SBMicro - The SBMicro symposium is a forum dedicated to fabrication and modeling of microsystems, integrated circuits and devices, held annually in Brazil.
EAMTA - The Argentine School of Micro-Nanoelectronics, Technology and Applications (EAMTA) and its associated Conference (CAMTA) is a high technical quality Argentine forum for researchers, technologists and companies in the fields of micro and nano electronic technologies.


MOSIS - The MOSIS program
ACM model - Home of the ACM model
XFAB foundry - Foundry with HV-CMOS Process
Chipmate - Uruguayan ASICs desing house